Life Well Lived

Guanacaste is one of only four blue zones in the world!

Guanacaste is part of the Nicoya Peninsula, a place that holds the amazing designation as one of just four “Blue Zones” in the world – areas where people commonly live active lives past the age of 100! This magical part of Costa Rica seems to create happy, satisfied people who have a zest for life and a reverence for family, tradition and the natural beauty around them. You’ll see during your travels that people work on farms, in orchards and on ranches. In the foothills, some of the world’s finest coffee is grown; in the Caribbean lowlands, banana plantations abound; and with over 1,200 species, Costa Rica harvests most of the orchids sold worldwide.The country also places a premium on preserving, studying and maintaining its natural wonders, earning honors and a growing popularity in eco-tourism. When you come to Costa Rica, bring your binoculars and sense of adventure, but leave your watch and timetable behind. This truly is the place to stop and smell the coffee!

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